When Do You Need A Spine Surgery?

One of the most common reasons that patients are forced to go through spine surgery is serious back pain. Although surgical treatment in almost all types of illnesses has been proven effective patients are still not advised to go through it straight away. This is because a surgical procedure is always risky. Unless the back pain cannot really be cured with any other conservative treatment procedures, a spine doctor would recommend surgery. Other than the doctor’s signal to go through a spine surgery, how else would you know if you need one?

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Back pain may be a shallow medical condition; it may sometimes just go away without any treatment. But it can also be a very serious medical condition which may even lead to a lifetime disability-or death. This is because most illnesses that causes back pain connects through the spinal cord which is considered the most important part of the body being responsible for distributing thoughts and actions from the brain through all the other parts. The same thing may happen if a surgical mistake is committed; it may lead to a lifetime disorder which is why it is very important for any decision concerning a spine surgery to be carefully thought of and planned. You will know if you need a spine surgery if you have been suffering from a serious back pain for more than six months already and you have already extracted all possible conservative treatments. Spine surgery is always the last resort.

If you have already gone through spine examinations and tests and the doctor finds that there are tumors, a slipped disc or anything similar that may negatively impact your health and has to be removed the soonest possible time it does not mean that you have to immediately decide to go through a spine surgery. If it is indeed your real condition, it would not worsen your situation to take a day off from your current doctor and get a second opinion from another or go through another test or examination to confirm your condition. If the second opinion tells you that you should indeed go through a spine surgery, then you should.

If your doctor tells you that you badly needed a spine surgery and you have already asked for a second opinion, you have to make sure that you have informed both doctors about any other medical conditions you have. They have to make sure that you are healthy in other aspects and physically conditioned to go through a spine surgery. The surgical procedure itself is already too risky that no doctor can afford to complicate it with other medical problems if you have any. If you are physically able to go through a spine surgery, then do not waste any time or wait until your back pain worsens.

A lot of back pain treatment procedures now exist, however they are not excuses for us to continue with our extremely exhausting physical activities that often result in back pain. For us not to experience having to go through a surgery, we should prevent the illness by all means.


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