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On the off chance that you are searching for experienced and trustworthy business waterproofing organizations, make Custom Coatings, Inc. your first call. We have gifted teams, the materials essential and the right gear to band together with you on your task. Cleaning the region with the proper strain to expel contaminants and buildup is the start of a total and intensive procedure to end your water issue.


Fixing any harmed or in any event, missing joints at the venture will guarantee a waterproof boundary. Sealant materials corrupt and split after some time, making zones for water to barge in. As dampness discovers its way into these hole, it will make progress through the seasons freeze and defrost cycle. As a main business waterproofing organization, we can remove the old sealant, put in new neoprene patron pole into holes and afterward introduce the right sealant for your specific need. The organization that made “silicone” did a totally stunning activity with their showcasing, on the grounds that we see silicone items on pretty much every structure. Yet, the issue is that, more often than not, silicone is simply not the proper material waterproofing contractual worker organizations ought to utilize. There are some astounding urethane sealant materials that are a vastly improved alternative and we will furnish you with subtleties concerning why they can support your office. In some cases brick work joints should be “fold pointed” to keep out undesirable dampness. In the wake of supplanting the bombing mortar or sealant materials, a gifted waterproofing contractual worker can introduce any number of clear or colored waterproofing coatings that will keep your dividers dry.


Parking structures and decks are additionally a claim to fame of our own. The sealants in the deck itself get old and should be supplanted so as to downplay water interruption. We have the items to amplify the life of the stopping structure.

As a specialist business waterproofing temporary worker organization, we can appropriately prompt you for a custom counsel at your undertaking site. At that point adding paint to the surface will give a completion that is both outwardly engaging and watertight!


We have more than 25 years in the business, adjusting the neighborhood habitations and organizations of Hickory, NC, as further away from home. Our differing rundown of customers has profited by long haul waterproofing, implying that their rooftops will remain release free for a long time. As the name infers, Custom Coatings give a modified encounter to our customers. First in class sealants, coatings, and different materials will be utilized to guarantee the life span of the water insurance.

Ventures SERVED

Retail locations: Customers place incredible incentive in the presence of their environmental factors. Wet patches, form smell and water harmed stock can be kept away from in the event that you utilize an accomplished waterproofing temporary worker organization.

Proprietors of high rises: Landlords are obliged to make fundamental fixes to oblige their occupants. Introducing quality sealants and coatings will alleviate future benefit misfortunes from steady water harm. Breaks may likewise present security and protection dangers for landowners. Keeping up quality will likewise guarantee the maintenance of occupants.

Land: With an unchecked water release, the basic trustworthiness of a home might be harmed unrecoverable. Springy, water harmed wood will likewise prompt paint stripping, so it can’t be concealed. Bring in the experts to apply the correct sealants and precaution layers of covering before everything transforms into a calamity.

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