Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is a degree of the purity and
diamond           rarity of the stone, graded by using the visibility of those characteristics below 10-strength magnification. A stone is graded as faultless if, underneath 10-energy magnification, no inclusions (inner flaws) and no blemishes (external imperfections) are seen. At Tiffany, we best be given .04% of the world’s gem-grade diamonds.

Diamond Clarity Chart
Diamond inclusions are internal flaws. Tiffany rejects any diamond with important imperfections to the unaided eye.


FL diamonds are Flawless


IF diamonds are Internally Flawless


VVS diamonds (1 and a couple of) are Very, Very Slightly Included


VS diamonds (1 and a couple of) are Very Slightly Included


SI diamonds (1 and a pair of) are Slightly Included

I1 I2 I3

I diamonds (1, 2 and 3) are Imperfect

The gemological standards in this section refer most effective to personally registered engagement diamonds set in sure ring patterns.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Clarity Chart
Tiffany Standard of Clarity
Tiffany’s strict diamond grading standards are performed with knowledge, integrity and accuracy. When Tiffany believes that a diamond’s clarity is at the borderline between grades, Tiffany will usually assign the stone a lower grade—by no means falsely inflating a diamond readability grade.

Tiffany & Co. Standard of Clarity
Does Diamond Clarity Matter
Does Diamond Clarity Really Matter?
A diamond with a negative clarity grade has more than one inclusions, which at once impacts sparkle. Because inclusions preclude the refraction and return of mild, the decrease the clarity grade, the cloudier the diamond will seem.

“If anything takes far from the beauty of the stone, we gained’t receive it.”

—Hannah Jee, diamond grader

The 4Cs

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